Passion: With All the Love That Is In Me

This is the end of my study through the sayings of Jesus on the night of His arrest! If you wish to read them all look in my archives under “Passion.”

“O righteous Father, the world doesn’t know you, but I do; and these disciples know you sent me. I have revealed you to them, and I will continue to do so. Then your love for me will be in them, and I will be in them.”  John 17:25-26 NLT

     Something happened that night so long ago. I had spent six months denying I was a sinner in need of a Savior…Heck I thought I was the Savior!

     But that night as our pastor preached, something changed inside of me. I felt the conviction of the Holy Ghost. I knew in that moment what sin was, what righteousness was, and what judgment was. I knew I was a sinner; I knew Jesus alone was righteous; And I knew I was slated for judgment.

     Needless to say, I walked the aisle and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my heart. I don’t know how it happened. I can only say it was a God experience. I came crashing into Jesus. It wasn’t the words of a man that changed me. it was my confrontation with a spirit…The Spirit! He was there that night and He chose me…and then I chose Him.

     True to his words, Jesus revealed the Father to me. He put God’s love into me and He put himself into me! Since that day I have been possessed by God. You might not like that terminology but I find it the truest representation of the Scripture “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine!” Sng. 6:3 NIV

     I have found that  the occurrence of a sinner coming to Jesus is one of life’s defining moments…one of life’s powerful moments. I love to tell my story as far as I understand it. I would love to hear yours.

So…How did Jesus come to you? How did you come to Jesus?

6 thoughts on “Passion: With All the Love That Is In Me

  1. April 1, 2007- Palm Sunday. I entered Cornerstone church and I immediately knew something was different. I was hit by a wall of something, I didn’t know what it was but it was very comforting. I felt like I was home but not like any home I had ever felt before. I felt completely loved. Then the worshiping started. I was overwhelmed with such love I began to cry and cry. My mother-in-law said are you ok. I said I’ve never been better, this is what I’ve been searching for I told her. When the pastor asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus, I couldn’t get out the aisle fast enough. I had always known of Jesus but never received him before. I left that church a changed person and Jesus filled. I had experienced God on Palm Sunday, something that had never happened to me before. I didn’t know what I was missing until that Palm Sunday and now I can’t imagine life without Him. I’m grateful that God uses other people to lead you home to Him. Debby

    • A-men Debby! I too have felt that overwhelming wall of love. Jesus used it to draw and keep me in the church! Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony!

  2. Pastor J

    Thanks for the series and the memories! May our God always give you reasons to write:-)

    How did I come? ” just as I am” … That was many many years ago. The name of he minister escapes my memory but the song was “Just as I am”… Right there at an open air crusade I stepped forward and accepted Him. My father is a bishop so conversion was a matter of ‘when’ , never ‘If’ …
    I gave Him my life there … and then I took it back years later. I did the Israelite desert thing for a while before realizing that I needed Him. thankfully, He still believed in me and welcomed this prodigal home.
    These days I dance like crazy and sing like there’s no tomorrow and praise Him daily for rescuing me from myself and certain death.

    The Lord is indeed mighty to save! May His name be glorified!!


    • I am thankful that even when we give up on ourselves He never does. The “when” and “if” question is an interesting conundrum for many P.K.’s (pastor’s kids for those not familiar with the term). Going from the place of making the “faith of the father’s” to the place of making the faith their own is perhaps one of the most difficult and perilous journies in Christendom. I have often thought it must have been harder for my children to come to Jesus than it was for me.
      Ann, I am blessed by the ministry God has given you and I am thankful that you chose to return.
      Pastor J

  3. He came to me at an aerobics/exercise place. (Oh yes He did! ha!) I had attempted suicide twice, abused drugs and alcohol, and was a complete mess. The ladies at this place loved Him . . .and me. They laughed and joked and had so much fun. I didn’t know Christians had fun! One night only I and the instructor/owner were there and she asked me if I knew Jesus and invited me to her church. I was pregnant – no drugs or alcohol fogging my brain – and by golly I went. She kept me under her wing and I went forward at the first altar call. Was baptized in water too, when that was offered. I am so thankful that she reached out to me, and that He forgave me and redeemed me. I’m not sure I would still be alive today otherwise. 🙂 God is soooo good!

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