The Newness Of Wrinkles

     Old youth pastors never die they just….Well O.K. they do die. But

this old youth pastor named “Wrinkles” is not quite finished with his bucket thank you very much!

     I am, however slowly emptying my bucket of all things “youthy”. The young man who is my replacement is now fully in place! 🙂

The Replacement, Pastor Brad yay!!!!

     My new role while not yet fully defined will involve worship and the arts (hence the Cornerstone Christian Artist Community) and pastoral care. More music… more teaching… more visiting… and more team-building. This is going to be a blast!

I can’t wait to see what the newness of Wrinkles shall be!


9 thoughts on “The Newness Of Wrinkles

  1. Super!

    The fact that they kept you this long meant you did a great job!! God bless you as you serve Him in other areas. Like Deb, I too am excited for what’s in the next chapter!!

    Blessings much,

  2. Can’t wait to see all God is going to do in and through you my brother….LET THE NEW ADVENTURE BEGIN!!!!

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