Passion: The Step To Glory

“I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” John 17:4 NIV

Religion is man’s attempt to get to God…his futile attempt. How many foolish things have we done as a race to try to win our way back into the presence of the Divine?  There was the failed attempt at Babel, the worship of various idols down through the centuries, the sex cults of Ashtoreth,  and Aphrodite and even the horrific practice of child sacrifice, called Molech . But religion could never do what only Christ had the power to accomplish. All of it only pushed us farther and farther away from God and caused us to bring Him less and less glory. Even the righteous pursuit of religion practiced, under God’s direction,
by the Hebrews failed to bring men closer to God. The writer to the Hebrews wrote
that the laws and sacrifices of ancient Israel were only a shadow of the things to come. He went  on to state “it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.”  Hebrews 10:4 NIV
Without the removal of sin there is no restoration of our relationship with God.  And there is nothing man can do to remove his own sin. So it is that Jesus in the fullness of time came into the history of mankind and completed the work God the Father gave him to do. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead has brought glory to God. God receives glory every time a sinner is forgiven of his sins and is brought back into
relationship with God through the blood of Jesus. God receives glory every time a Christian chooses  righteousness over wickedness by the power of the cross. Jesus’ work was completed on the cross. He is still completing His work as His cross is applied to our lives when we cry out for it through prayer!

Tell me about when Jesus brought glory to God by rescuing your life!

2 thoughts on “Passion: The Step To Glory

  1. Thank you, Pastor J
    ” there is nothing man can do to remove his own sin.”
    I am thankful. With the list I have, I am certain I would not have been able to afford enough sacrifices to cover my tracks!

    I used to think I came to God through ‘a back door’ . I was born and raised in a Christian home so my conversion was expected. When I heard people testify of how God delivered them from drugs or alcohol or such, I started to question whether I was really saved. Thank God for the wise counsel of those around me … Not only had Jesus saved my soul from hell, but He had also saved me from painful experiences. I was a sinner in need of His grace – just like every other person on this earth.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Saved by His grace and thankful!

  2. Praise God Ann, The testimony of a life spared from sins and delivered from Sin is one of the most powerful evidences of a merciful God operating in our world! Thanks for sharing with us!

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