“Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3 NIV

      What do you think eternal life is? It’s odd the things Jesus didn’t use to define eternal
life, things like: having a millionth birthday party, having a new body that never gets sick or injured, or having freedom from sadness and pain. It’s odd because these are the things most people value in eternal life. In fact, many people only consider the eternal part of eternal life valuable. That’s the part that we humans have anyway. Our souls are immortal regardless of  our decision to follow Jesus. But immortality apart from God will hardly be called living.

      Knowing God is what gives us life. Knowing God is what makes life worth living. When we get to Heaven it will not be the gold or the health or the length of days that will
fill us up. It will be experiencing God in all His fullness. And truly that is what it means to know God and Jesus Christ. I do not know God because I logically understand His story. I know God because I have experienced His forgiveness and His intervention in my life through prayer and living for Him.

      You know, I am not waiting for eternal  life to begin. My eternity began the day I
let Jesus get a hold of my life, the day I started trusting Him to deal with the mess I call my life. When I get to Heaven the experiences I have there will be the consummation of the knowing I have begun here.

What do you see in Jesus statement in John 17:3?

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