Love The Wounded

So I asked my son to guest post again. Here is what he said.


Love the Wounded

by Joseph Lillie on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 1:28am

       So I know my new blog name on wordpress (which I am still trying to figure out) is LovExpressed, and I know I often write on the topic of love. I was contemplating today, however, do I even love? My answer as all humans is not nearly enough. This makes my life very paradoxical. I will explain what I mean. My heart has been burdened by this thought for quite some time. Now I am not merely be a social reform activist but this world is also a paradox in the sense that people are living without purpose, and hope when that hope and purpose are right in front of them. I see myself as a paradox because in the very core of my being I have hope I can share but I let fear, and my individualistic self hold it in as do many of us. Quite frankly who can say they pray for the world every day? Week? Month? There is a battle brewing and our greatest weapon is not our knowledge, but our love, and humility expressed through prayer.

I see the homeless man who has worn the same clothes for six months without a bath. Despite this fact I worry about next months rent, as I watch my big screen TV. I see the child in Mexico who has no food, or clean water, and drinks the bacteria infested water and I worry that the number 5 in my left hand, and my large coke in my right is not enough. I see the woman who is about to lose her childhood because her parents are being decieved, and I complain about my paycheck being to small. I see the widow who lost her husband, the woman with the misscariage, the teen who has lost everything to live for and still I have the hope but I refuse to share, as if it is some gift given to me only for me. I see the world in its most dire situation, and I can not even take 5 minutes out of my day to pray for it. I worry about this I worry about that. Sometimes WE spend so much time worrying that we do not spend enough time praying, and loving.

As I said a battle is brewing, the greatest weapon we have is not guns, but rather our greatest weapon to bring down the foe is our love and prayer. If we don’t make enough to give, or don’t have the resources to go, we have time to pray, and love. Pray for those you encounter, and love those you see. For this is where every battle begins and ends. It starts on your knees drinking from the river of His mercy, and it ends on our knees praising Him for bringing us through.

Fight for those who are wounded

Love and Prayers,

Care bear


2 thoughts on “Love The Wounded

  1. Thank you for sharing, Pastor J
    “…I have the hope but I refuse to share, as if it is some gift given to me only for me. I see the world in its most dire situation, and I can not even take 5 minutes out of my day to pray for it ….”
    I hear your son’s heart in this… There’s much we can learn from this young lad. Please let him know we are thankful he chose to share this with us.

    Praying God’s perfect for his life will be fulfilled and that God will use him to make a difference where he’s placed ( even as Samuel did). May God use the gifts in his hands to reach the lost to the glory of God.


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