Embrace Your Inner Moss Pt. 1

      My friend and I have been having a debate about lawn care. The debate stems from our differing opinions about gardening…and moss.

     He hates moss. He blames moss for the demise of his lawn. He believes killing his moss will bring his grass back. HE BELIEVES IN CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR MOSS!!!!

     I on the other hand  am a softer and gentler kind of gardener. I love moss. Moss doesn’t kill; It comes to comfort you after your beloved grass can no longer be with you. I can come up with at least four reasons moss should be let to live:

1. It comes in many beautiful shades and adds contrast to what is otherwise just boring lawn. I know I am in the minority here but I say if something has the gumption to survive a lawn mower it has earned the right to bloom where its planted….And while moss will survive the mower it also doesn’t need it: MORE MOSS=LESS MOWING!

2. Moss is squishy and fun to walk on. Come on can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t rather walk barefoot through a field of moss?

3. You can burn moss! the Irish burned peat instead of wood. I wouldn’t recommend throwing it in your oil burning furnace. But hey! In a pinch pitch a tent and start a peat fire!

4. Surviviorman says that if you’re thirsty moss stores water! It can be rung out and because it is a natural filter you can drink the water without fear of falling down dead from botulism.

     Yep lots of reasons to keep your moss. Maybe I am just lazy but I think we work too hard to alter our landscape to make it look like “Better Homes and Gardens”. Who died and made them Mother Nature anyway!

     I am all for pruning, thinning, mowing, and weeding. But sometimes I think we have just got to relax and let nature take its course….Go with the flow…Work with what we’ve got.

     I have a back lawn that is mostly moss and dandelions. To be fair there is grass too but it doesn’t rule the roost. The grass grows on the moss!

I don’t know but I think it looks O.K.




8 thoughts on “Embrace Your Inner Moss Pt. 1

  1. seeing it’s my lawn too…I saw leave the moss and spend more time with your family 😉 we’re at the cape and he is home playing with the lawn 🙂

    • Oh hey that means it is three- one in favor of the moss! Jim and Amy Dick voted for the moss too! But too be fair I have not heard from the grass people at all yet and I know they are out there! And to be even fairer there is neither sand nor moss at the beach that wasn’t one of the votes. You could always help your man sow grass seed… or kill moss…or make iced tea 🙂

      • I try to stay as far away as possible because you never know what might go flying LOL!!!! The lawn is the bain of his exsistance and because of that it is now mine. And yes if I had my way our yard would be a beach. Then all we would have to worry about is dune grass and rose hips and you can”t cut those, it’s illegal 🙂

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