To All Who Wait

     The bossman stood waiting at the door with his hands fixed indignantly at his hips as the dishwasher grabbed his last drag on the cigarette “Well what are you waiting for man?”

    I couldn’t hear the young man’s reply but it elicited a  sharp sigh and an angry roll of the eyes from the bossman.

     This scene and others like it echo in my mind because of those words I have heard used so many times. “What are you waiting for.” It’s almost as if waiting is a bad thing. In some cases I suppose it is. We wait when we’re supposed to act. More often we are a people prone to acting when we are supposed to wait. Our American can do mindset is “Do this or do that but don’t just do nothing!”

     I am finding though that our “way” of life is being challenged by situations which are just too big for our doing. we can’t outdo ourselves in the circumstances we are faced with because there is nothing to do…but wait! The fixers can’t fix it and the problem solvers are stymied. The physicians are helpless and the builders can’t stop it from falling apart.

    To all who are stuck with nothing to do in their situation but wait I have great news.  God says this about those who wait on Him for action, “thou shalt know that I [am] the LORD: for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me.Isa. 49: 23 KJV

     Now I am not espousing a “do nothing ” policy. When God gives us a course of action for our problems, we should reach out and grab for it. But I find I  am often tempted to get ahead of God. I end up taking courses of action He never prescribed. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that waiting for God was the lazy man’s way out. Christian, I have learned that sometimes doing nothing IS doing something if my nothing is invested in seeking God for an answer.

Waiting is part of the natural and the supernatural order. In creation waiting causes this:

     to become this:

Waiting tranforms this:

into this:

And all without our hands doing anything.

Truth be told by acting before we are told we so often get in God’s way.We hold up the work of God in our lives for a longer period of time.

So Christian what are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “To All Who Wait

  1. Wonderful post. “Wait” is not meant to be passive. It is a time of reflection, contemplation, learning, growing. It is hard work to wait because we use muscles that are often atrophied and we need to exercise them to strengthen them. Never fun to have achy muscles but when we keep on it is so worth it.

  2. Thank you, Pastor J

    Half of me wanted to crawl back behind the drapes and wait for the right time to respond. The other half said “get over it!” … 🙂

    “Truth be told by acting before we are told we so often get in God’s way.”
    My toe hurts!

    God bless you. ( please don’t aplogize 😉 )


    • Ann Thanks for the link. While I will not apologize I do hope your toe doesn’t hurt for too long. After all you need it to walk the walk! 🙂

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