Spiritual Illness

A question asked on one of the blogs I read recently got me thinking about the make-up of  human beings.

” Can you conceive of scenarios when committing suicide would be a rational act . . . rather than the product of mental illness?” (Spirit Lights the Way, Checking Out)

  The premise being brought forward was that not all suicide is the result of mental illness. Therefore if a person is not mentally ill…is sane… then suicide should be considered at times a sane, viable option not to be judged illegal, immoral, or otherwise unethical by the on-looking masses.

     Wow! Do I have a problem with that conclusion! It has so many faulty foundations I am not sure which one to deal with first!

     I guess I will start with the question itself:

“Can you conceive of scenarios when committing suicide would be a rational act . . . rather than the product of mental illness?”

    Indeed I can! I can think of at least two situations in which suicide is not the product of mental illness: when it is the result of physical illness, or when it is the result of Spiritual illness.

        It is often asserted that we are not human beings having a “spiritual experience” rather we are spiritual beings having a “human experience”.

     The truth is waaaaay muddier than that! Human beings are three-fold by nature. We are body ( what the Apostle Paul referred to as flesh). We are soul (what Paul referred to as mind encompassing also will and emotions). We are spirit ( what Paul referred to as spirit, or wind that which communicates with God).

     Our three parts are braided together in what was meant to be an unbreakable chord. The devastating part of death for the individual is that the soul and the spirit are severed from contact with the body.

 The glorious part of resurrection is that soul and spirit are reunited with the body. You see souls, spirits and bodies were never meant to be separated. Indeed, if that was an acceptable way to live out eternity there would be no need for a resurrection at all.

     Now getting back to the question of mental illness being the sole reason for suicide. I believe in mental illness. Every part of the three-fold nature of man is capable of becoming ill. I also believe mental illness is a cause for suicide. I also believe that many people who commit suicide are NOT mentally ill…are in fact perfectly sane.

     The faulty foundation here is that if a person is not mentally impaired they ought to be allowed to commit suicide.

      Some even go so far as to say that if a person is not mentally ill but physically ill that gives them a good reason to commit suicide. I believe in physical illness too. I believe that physical illness causes some people to consider suicide. But I also believe that not all suicide is caused by physical illness.

    While not all suicides indicate mental illness or physical illness I do believe they ALL indicate spiritual illness.

    From the beginning humans were meant to live lives controlled by the spirit (that which is in communication with God). Remember men were never meant to be separated from their bodies. Death was not the original plan, everlasting life was!

      The Bible tells us that, ” just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. ” Romans 5:21 NLT

      It also says, ” letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.Romans 8:6

    It is spiritual illness that brings a person to the brink of suicide and often a mental illness or a physical illness will coincide. This spiritual illness is far more serious than a mental illness. I would posit that if we would require treatment for a mental illness rather than suggesting suicide we should also require treatment for the spiritual illness of being trapped in sin…That treatment of course being Jesus.

     Yes I can conceive of situations in which suicide is not the result of mental illness. That said I cannot conceive of a situation in which it is not the result of spiritual illness. At times suicide may  seem and even be rational. So was Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit. Under the circumstances it seemed sane, logical, even rational. BUT IT WAS WRONG! AND WRONG TRUMPS RATIONAL EVERY TIME!

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Illness

  1. I was today told by someone that I love dearly that they had considered suicide. And I know that they are as spiritually ill today as they were the day they considered taking their life. And I know that it wasn’t a mental — or physical — illness that caused them to consider taking their life. It was a spiritial illness. A feeling of complete hopelessness. And it scares me that they are still spiritually hopeless. And it scares me that I can’t make them see. But I serve a God who CAN make them see. And Who can give hope where isn’t any… 🙂

    • A-men Nicole! “Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness” (The Solid Rock,William Bradbury) and that is no small thing! I will be praying for your friend Nicole. Prayer avails much.

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