Burning Days


You will of course remember the brush pile I had gathered from my blackberry hedge and apple tree.

Well burning day has come at last! I should say burning DAYS because nothing in my life moves as quickly as I would like it too.

While a part of me would have liked to light the entire patch all at once, this vision kept me in the “play it safe zone”. So little by little mom and I chopped up the thorny tangled mess and fed it into our planned and well controlled campfire.

I know, I know it’s not as awesome and I won’t earn any studly awards for being a manly firebug. But at least I didn’t burn down the forest, bother the neighbors with throat choking smoke and I still managed to get it all done!

All that’s left of those wild thorn vines is this patch of blackened grass!

I think it’s time to plant some new roses!

How is your garden growing?