The Teachers of Life

     I got my upbringing in the school of life. If life is a school, as they say, then everyone the good Lord brings me across is a teacher of sorts.

     A few people are so good, I have learned only what to do from them. A few people are so wicked, I have learned only what not to do from them. Most people are an ordinary mix of both good and bad. From them I have learned the most. In their triumphs I have learned what is right to do. In their failures I have learned what is wrong. For instance:

    From my dad I learned the value of an HONEST day’s labor. That means a day of hard work in case you were wondering.

   From my mom I learned the value of knowing when to wait. Good things come to those… as they say.

    From my wife I learned that a job needs to be completed even if it is hard and it needs to be completed right.

     From my father-in-law I learned that a thing that doesn’t work is a thing to be conquered by a person who does. Sweat and persistence overcome problems everytime.

      What we get from our teachers depends on us. The lessons I have learned from my loved ones have come as much from their failures as from their successes. There are positive lessons to be learned from every situation and interaction. The trick is finding the blessing… the lesson that will advance us in each life circumstance.

Who are your teachers in life? What lesson have they taught you?


4 thoughts on “The Teachers of Life

  1. Thanks for sharing (and it’s not an anniversary, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day nor Father’s Day!).

    Thankful we don’t need a ‘thank you day’ to say thanks to those we’ve learned from!

    My teachers? My father has taught me to be kind and generous. My mother taught me practicality to balance my father’s propensity to give away everything we own! 🙂 I think I learned the waiting game from my maternal grandmother…

    I’ve got great friends who’ve taught me the value and blessing of a confidant. From my pastor I’ve learned that ‘Relationship is everything’. From the little ones I’ve learned that one can never be too busy to play with them!! 🙂

    There are many others who have taught me much and many I still continue to learn much from. If I ever write that book, I will be sure to give you credit for poking my memory.

    God bless you. May you continue to teach positives to those around you.


    • Thanks Ann! Your list seems so much more exhaustive than mine. I love that I am able to to stir the “thank you elixir” inside of people and bring out the praise! We all need to remember the light we have seen so that we can dispel the darkness that threatens. Thanks for commenting. As always it is a true blessing.

  2. Wow, I have SO many teachers… from those who took the time to help me with my piano playing and writing to those who molded me into who I am spiritually, emotionally, and financially. My mom and dad are definitely at the top of the list though. 🙂

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