Battling My Big Bad Buddy

     Change has become my friend. Like most real friends change and I fight a lot. Some days I look forward to meeting change. Other days I’d really like to tell him where to get off and help him get there in straight order.

    But I can’t do that. You see, change is not a real person…. He is a force of nature as persistent as the wind and capricious as the sea. Some days change is a gentle lover and other days he is as vicious as a rabid dog.

      Whichever of change’s personalities I happen to be dealing with, though, there are things I can do to cope, and I have to cope…because change is never going to change!

      Perhaps you are the same. Maybe you are dealing with change… massive change right now. Whether  lovely or  horrid change is unsettling. Change calls us to take extra steps to maintain equilibrium. Here are a few of my extra steps:

1. Breathe– Literally when the stress of change comes you have to stop and reconnect to your breath. Catch yourself running in the frenzy. Slow your pace and consciously breathe deep and slow. My sister calls it “breathing in Jesus and breathing out peace.” Every day take a few moments to breathe.

2. Pray- So funny when life changes particularly for the worse that’s when most praying people stop  and when most non- prayers start. How is it we neglect the art of prayer when we need it most.

3. Journal- Change leaves us feeling like we are losing part of our personhood. Capture that piece of yourself as it dissipates. Capture your thoughts regarding God especially during change’s maelstrom. Your words will live on when change has stolen the past from your memory and give you perspective to see how even the bad becomes good when we involve God.

4. Volunteer- Change can make us too inwardly focused. Self-pity is a destructive force to any soul. Giving of yourself to fill someone else’s need deactivates your whining engine and sets you on the road to positive thinking.

5. Make a Blessing List-  The Bible says “God works all things together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” Romans 8:28. Not everything is good. Not everything is God’s will. But God will use everything in life to bring about good. Start a list of the good things that are coming in the middle of change.

Are you battling my big Bad buddy change? What are you doing to help yourself through it?