Every year as I finish laying out my garden beds I tell myself that this will be the last year of major botanical construction.

     I told myself that last year. I harvested in the fall thinking what a great system I had built. I looked forward to “tweaking” my beds this year and spending a goodly amount of time sitting in my lounger watching the perennials grow.

     Now I am at a totally new house considering  starting my gardens from scratch.

     Mom has a great piece of property that someone at sometime worked diligently. It was not Mom. She has lived in her “grand old mansion” for thirty-three years. During that time the extent of our family gardening (except for my indoor planting) has been mowing the lawn and  my dad scattering a huge package of wildflower seed onto the side lot to see what would happen.

    All past promises to myself aside, tomorrow starts another season of garden design and construction! This plot is too beautiful not to cultivate. It is definitely my biggest project to date.

     And in the morning I am really starting from scratch. I will begin with a massive blackberry hedge on the side of the house.

    The stand has run rampant and is nearly 50 feet wide and easily 25 feet deep! It trails all through the woodsy side grounds, wrapping around the crab apple tree and mixing in with the wild rose. My hope is to cut the suckers down to size and shape so that we will actually be able to pick some of the berries without needing a blood transfusion because of the thorns. I would also like to salvage the wild roses from the death grip of the pernicious canes.

      On the other side of this plot we have a huge stand of black raspberries. They are also a little out of control. This use to be our picnic table.

     Some people may think I am jumping the gun a little since there is still snow on the ground but I am going to start building the raised beds in two weeks time. Before that I am going to need to have a good bonfire to burn up the refuse. With only a day a week to garden I had better get a move on!

Where are you in your garden plans?


11 thoughts on “Scratch!

  1. Wow! Lots of work ahead for ya. With our move four weeks away comes actual space to garden, but we are moving to an established system. For the first time ever we will be planting vegetables and herbs…now to choose which ones and how much of each! There is plenty of space but I don’t want to over due my first attempt.

    • I am praying for your move. May it go smoothly. If your just starting out with herbs try a basil or a cilantro. They are easy to grow. Oregano is great but tends to spread and watch the mint it runs rampant!

  2. Thanks for sharing

    You have lots to get done. Praying for your strength as you tackle the tasks.

    I’m about to start seeding this week. Peppers and tomatoes always seem to dominate the space. I have no problem letting nature take it’s course 🙂

    Blessings and happy gardening,

  3. I’ve totally decided to let my father do the gardening this year. . . it gives him something to look forward to 🙂

  4. Lots of hard work ahead for you! But the rewards will be bountiful.
    My gardening plans involve a 10×4 balcony filled with pots. I have pussy willow starting to get some green leaves now. Other than that it will be annual flowers and maybe a tomato plant or two.

      • Yep, gotta water every day. As I live in the south, and it is really hot and humid but little rain, and my balcony is southwest facing with full sun from 11 on, I sometimes need to water twice a day. Good thing it is just a small balcony.

  5. I’m still at the very beginning… At the “Hmmm, what should we plant” stage. Ha, ha. But I’m looking forward to it! We want to start small this year, maybe tomatoes, beets, and peas. Probably a couple other things to. Oh, and definitely some herbs!!

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