The Prayer Chair: Sacred Space for Reinvention

     The crossroads of ages has come. God is reinventing our world before our very eyes! Soon and very soon we are going to see the King as the old song goes. When we do all will be set to right. But right now as we see the day approaching, life is getting exceedingly bumpy.

      Our job through the shaking is to share the hope we have in Christ. Our job  is to minister to those broken upon the shores of change. Believe me when I say we are only at the beginning of this turning tide. If we are to be effective in our assignment we must prepare ourselves to stand in the current as its pace hastens to flood stage. Honestly, there is a bit of ourselves, maybe more than a bit, that needs to be reinvented before we can effectively help others in this.

     So where do we go for this reinvention? To prayer… to the Word… to God. Understand God is the change agent: prayer, study, meditation, worship, simplicity and the like are only the doorways through which God comes to make the changes.

     James 4:8 says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

     Church if ever we needed to pray it is now! We need His closeness and He needs a door through which He can draw close.

    So how do we build the door of prayer? Talk to Jesus………………It’s a one point sermon really and it doesn’t get more complicated than that. Anyone can do it anywhere and anywhen! You just have to accept he is listening. You just have to get quiet enough to hear.

     For me that’s where the prayer chair comes in.

    I’m a pretty busy guy. I has gots me lots of distractions! To that end I have  found one of the greatest detriments to my prayer life is trying to pray while I am working at my normal pace.

     I have heard people say “I don’t have a set time or place for prayer. I just kind of pray as I go along in my day.”

     I admire such discipline. I hope to get there one day. Today ain’t that day. If I am going to pray. I need a set time and a set place to pray. That time needs to be flexible and the place needs to be quiet, a place where I can sit down or stand stock-still and enjoy what I am looking at.

     I have several places I go to pray around my hometown. When I go on vacation one of the first places I seek out is my prayer spot. My prayer chair is where I begin and usually end my day in prayer and study. It’s quiet, comfortable and gives me a great view of the yard. Just sitting down in it takes me out of the world and into the presence.

    I am going away for the weekend and I will blog about the prayer spaces I find in Vermont.

Do you have a prayer chair?


4 thoughts on “The Prayer Chair: Sacred Space for Reinvention

  1. Yes, I have a prayer chair. It is a 95 year old rocker. Belonged to my granma, she got it when she was pregnant with her firstborn, my mother.

    I don’t think it takes discipline to pray through out the day. The pray as you go prayers are important but the quiet time prayers are essential. Those are the prayers when we not only speak to God but we hear Him speak to us.

    • Brother Lawrence called those quick prayers throughout the day “breath prayers”. I have to admit I have a hard time doing that. For me this makes those quiet times all the more essential. I need to hear Him! Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I like the idea of the prayer chair … 🙂

    I admit I’m not always ‘quiet enough to hear Him speak’ but I’m getting there 🙂 There’s so much joy that comes from spending time in His presence.

    Praying God will visit with you in a new way during this time.


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