‘Memper St. Urho

     So yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I know many of my readers would not have appreciated the significance of the day. But being from Massachusetts home of the Boston Celtics it was kind of  a hard day to pass by. 

    So in honor of the holiday, I donned my Celtics jacket (which I have worn all basket ball season anyway) and  started to read Edward Rutherford’s,  The Princes of Ireland.

      Our church staff planned a traditional St. Patty’s lunch. Of course our Pastor’s wife coordinated the colors in matching shades of green. Even her little dog wore green today.

I wore brown.I look better in earth tones. Still I had seconds on the New England boiled dinner and the coleslaw, and the Irish soda bread and the…. Hey! did you know that they used to call the juice from the boiled dinner that you pour over the vegetables “likker”? We made a good joke out of how a Pentecostal church was having “likker” at their St. Patty’s meal. 

     By the way, I was not in charge of the punch. The lady of Viking descent at the back of the picture was and she said she had to make it orange in honor of all the Irish Protestants. Hmm, I hope I don’t lose any readers over that.

     As I walked into the church this morning I caught our church secretary chuckling over an e-mail that had just come in. It was about St. Urho’s Day which was on March 16th.

     “My Grandmother always used to remind me at St. Patrick’s Day ‘Memper St.Urho’, Don’t forget him!'” Wendy laughed in a mock Finnish accent.

     Apparently St. Urho isn’t even really a saint just a tale made up by some guy in Minnesota to protest the national Irish-fervor that rose up every March. According to his tale St. Urho saved Finland from the grasshoppers who were threatening the grape harvest. Blest with a very powerful voice the fake saint was said to have walked through Finland yelling “Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!” Which when translated is “Grasshopper! Grasshopper go to hell!” 

     So St. Patrick ( who was at least a real person and an actual missionary) or St. Urho ( a fake guy with a cool Finnish name) which will we celebrate?

    I think I will eat boiled dinner, enjoy the greening of the season, drink orange punch, wear brown and look up more cool Finnish names to suggest to my children as possible baby names for their future off-spring. Then I will celebrate the fact that my name is in the lamb’s book of life. Some day maybe I will meet Patrick and I can tell him the story of St. Urho and how people tried and failed to push his name off the calendar.

How did you celebrate St. Whoever’s Day?


2 thoughts on “‘Memper St. Urho

  1. 🙂

    Looks like you a great time was had by all! I also celebrate that He knows my name and that it’s written in His book 🙂

    Thankful for Pastors like yourself and ours who choose to share the other side – not the popular opinions ( Saint Nick, St Patrick… I wonder what’s left in the bag?)

    Thanks for sharing,

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