Back To the Windowsill

       You know that older cousin you idolized? The one who could do everything right and seemed to have it all together? Mine was a collector. I’m sure it irked him to no end but every time he started a new collection, so did I: rocks, coins, plants, bugs, if he collected it, I collected it.

     Over the years most of my collections have been relegated to boxes in some darkened closet (well not the bugs or plants but you get the picture). In reality I am not a collector. I just wanted to be like him.

    The one collection that seems to have stuck through the years is my plant collection. When I was a kid my room had a great southern exposure; So I got myself a little plant stand and covered it in leafy green things. Dishes stolen from my mom’s kitchen made great water catchers for my pots.

     The family owned a restraunt back then, and most meals we ate out. So by the time mom figured out her china was being taken I had lined the windowsills in my room  with spider plants and jade trees, cacti, and ferns.

    Mom was nice enough about it but firm that her plates were not going to be used as gardening tools. Styrofoam was quickly brought in to replace the more costly dishes.

     When I went back to gardening several years ago I didn’t have any good light at my house. After several failed attempts to start a good seed garden indoors, my wife  finally came up with the brilliant idea of placing sun lamps in our cellar and building up garden tables for our herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. It worked great! A few of those gardening flats from Wal-Mart and we were on our way.

       Last year I was quite sure I  finally had my system for gardening down to a fine science.  But the nature of life is reinvention. One of the things I am learning through this whole time is that I must not hold onto anything to tightly. Life is going to continue to throw me curveballs and I will never get to a point where things will stop changing because I will never get to a place where I am finished growing.

     So now I am back at my mother’s house, back in the room where I first discovered my love for gardening. It’s odd how the biggest changes in life can sometimes take us right to where we started. It’s even more odd just how jarring a change forcing you to “start over” can be.

      This year I don’t have room for gardening tables and there is no place to put a sun lamp. But I do have that gorgeous southern exposure. While mom still won’t let me use her good china, she has no problem with the plants going back to the windowsills.

Do you remember a time where God brought you back to the beginning?


2 thoughts on “Back To the Windowsill

  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    “Life is going to continue to throw me curveballs and I will never get to a point where things will stop changing because I will never get to a place where I am finished growing.”
    And in all this, He remains faithful, steadfast and unchanging. Seasons come and go and plants live and die but His word remains. Fertilizer and water for our souls. An unending storehouse of all we need to grow in grace in Him. 🙂

    Gardening brings its own rewards. Nothing like watching the plants come from nothing, yet returning bright blooms and tasty delights.!

    I’m getting ready to start seeding now. I’m concentrating on tomatoes, peppers and herbs this year. Conveniently (or for the sake of reducing manual labour), the front garden is all perennials – I get to put more effort in the veggies and herbs.


    • I love the perennials! I will be starting my gardens from scratch it looks like. Yet I have to say that I am looking fioward to getting my fingers into the soil. It is so relaxing!

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