The Gatherings

     Last time I led a devotion with our worship team, we began by sharing needs: One was in deep financial need, another  faces the end of marriage, several are living with severe health issues, others face difficulty with children, or jobs. In short, not one of us was without a deep spiritual challenge.

    God had given me Philippians 1:6 to share.

“And I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again.” Phil. 1:6

     When we finished praying for one another we turned immediately to the business of lifting our voices in worship to the One True God, the One who had promised to complete His good work in us.

     I have seen a great gathering of the forces of evil in the realm of the spirit. If ever I passed things off as just bad luck or coincidence I am not doing it anymore. I am far too aware that the church has an enemy who is building his strength and pouring it out strategically against the church in these, his last days.

     But I am also seeing a great gathering of the saints of God in concert prayer to face down this enemy. Worship was not deterred that night by the fact that enemy bombs were dropping into our midst as if we were London during the Blitz. We kept on. We are keeping on. I see the body drawing together. Maybe it’s not exactly a multitude but it is enough to quench the fiery darts of Old SlewFoot.

      I see a church gathering  victorious. Against the backdrop of the incoming darkness, the army of light will shine. We will know our God and understand His ways, because we will know the Word!

     I am going back to the prophets tomorrow and I will finish the work I started in “Like Men of Issachar”. This enemy is not going to keep me from God’s appointed purposes.

    What challenges do you face as you serve God?

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