From the Middle of Night

 A little over two months ago I posted “I have to be away from this site for a  bit. Be back soon. JE”.  I have come to this page so many times. I have left it blank just as many, my feelings to raw to put into proper words. Only “Pastor Wrinkles” managed to live through the long winter’s night which has become my life.

     I started this blog on the premise that reinvention was a process we all go through, should embrace, and rejoice in. I have to admit though some reinvention, I have found recently, not just hard to embrace but darn near impossible to rejoice in. The adventure I set out on has become a sojourn in the middle of the night.

     Still, in it I have stood firmly on ground that quaked beneath my feet. I have believed the Word when all life has stood contrary to it. I have embraced when everything in me felt like recoiling. I have learned to rejoice in calamity. I have experienced the guiding hand of my Shepherd in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I have heard His voice and recognized it over the cacophony.

     I thought maybe I would never come back to this. But here I am writing from the middle of night. His Word is the candle that lights my page.

     I hear His whisper on the frigid breeze “Hold on my child joy comes in the morning.”

    Now I am being reinvented but I am no longer the inventor. Life has tied my hands. Jesus is working on me, making me into a design I probably would have rejected. I can only confess “that is good, though I do not see it now”.

     I know what I cannot see from the middle of night I will see clearly in the dawning. So I can praise God as I am fully aware that He is at work!


4 thoughts on “From the Middle of Night

  1. Blessings, brother.

    May our God continue to fill you with hope and peace even in the middle of the night. Your words speak much of the road you’re traveling but they also speak much of the God who is able to deliver.

    Praying that morning will come soon, bringing joy to your circumstances.


    • Thank you Ann, The morning shall come. I serve the Lord of green valley and still water as well as the God who walk with me through the Valley of the shadow of death! I can feel the prayers of god’s saints arising.

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