Blaming God For Flea Treatments

     Friday was the day for the dog’s monthly flea treatments. Now one of the things about my two little darlings is that they really do not like to be separated. When I give baths, I keep one kenneled while I dunk the other. When I give flea treatments I separate them putting one in the kennel while the other runs free until dry. This way there is no temptation for one to lick the poison off the other. My heart is in the right place. I wish the dogs could see it that way.

    I chose Mercedes first this month. I picked her up in my arms and cradled her as I gently put the Advantix at the nape of her neck. Jacopo was going wild in the kennel. You would think I was murdering his girlfriend before his eyes. I set her down to run and the two of them went at it. He was barking hysterically from behind the bars and she was barking just as hysterically at him from the outside. Neither dog understood why I had done it. To them it seemed unnecessary torture. I doubt even if I could have gotten to their level to explain it they would much have appreciated my good intentions. You see, their discomfort was so great that a flea here or there would probably have been an acceptable compromise in order to avoid it. But not to me! 

    I don’t know about you but when it comes to life, I can be a yippy dog. God is going about His business “perfecting everything that concerns me” and there I go off the deep end as soon as His work in me takes me out of my comfort zone. God gives me the spiritual equivalent of flea treatments and I am immediately at his door begging Him to make it all stop.

    The truth is though sometimes what seems like a terrible trial to me actually turns out to be a benefit later on. When and if I finally see the big picture I throw up my hands in disgust.

      “Now why couldn’t you just have shown me that from the beginning God?” I sometimes say.

     “Even if I had you would not have wanted me to continue.” is His quiet reply.

      He knows me so well. I’m O.K. with a few spiritual fleas as long as that will keep me in the zone of fleshly joy and peace. But He is not O.K. with it and so He graciously gives me my “treatments”and patiently waits out my foolish rantings.

    Man,I hope someday I will be smarter than my dogs.


4 thoughts on “Blaming God For Flea Treatments

    • A-men. In the end I am always thankful to be “flea free”. But the journey to that state is one which causes me much consternation. Nice to hear from you again Patricia!

  1. Ugh, I hate being out of my comfort zone! But then I look back and see how much I’ve grown through the experience. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t howl a bit every time it happens. 🙂

    • I guess we are all the same in that Nicole. It’s a level playing field when it comes to uncomfortable changes God would make in our lives. We all inwardly groan waiting for His ruthless perfection to be created in us!

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