Pastor Wrinkles: To Bargain With a King

Let’s Review:






As the period of the judges ends God raises up one last judge _________________. Samuel has a  triple anointing

1. Judge

2. ____________________


Samuel leads Israel as judge and __________________ through a very dark time of warfare.

The war for the Ark in brief:

I. Samuel raised in ________________ house.

II. Eli’s sons ____________________ and get God’s wrath.

III. God kills Eli’s son and turns the _________________ of the Covenant over to the Philistines

IV.  Twenty years pass. _____________________ gathers the people for war at _________________ and they win.

V. Samuel leads the people until he is old.

When Samuel becomes too old to lead the people they ask for a ____________________.

Samuel at first rejects this idea but God breaks in: “And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king….Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will do.” I Sam 8:7,9 NIV

Israel’s first king is ________________.

He loses the throne through ______________.

God chooses another King ______________________. David unites Israel.

While the story of David has many twists and turns, once David brings the country under his power God comes and makes a bargain with him. It is called the ________________________ covenant.

“And now the LORD declares that he will build a house for you–a dynasty of kings! For when you die, I will raise up one of your descendants, and I will make his kingdom strong.He is the one who will build a house–a temple–for my name. And I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.  I will be his father, and he will be my son. If he sins, I will use other nations to punish him. But my unfailing love will not be taken from him as I took it from Saul, whom I removed before you. Your dynasty and your kingdom will continue for all time before me, and your throne will be secure forever.’ ” 2 Sam. 7:11-16

Promises of the bargain:

1. David’s son will be a great king who will build a __________________.

2. If David’s son sins God will __________________ him .

3. David’s dynasty will never _____________. Their will always be a member of David’s family sitting on the _______________ of Israel.

Now in your groups:

1. Read I Sam. 13:1-14. This is the story of why God rejected Saul as king. How would you have felt if you were Saul in this situation? What should Saul have done from this point on?

2.. God calls David “A man after my own heart.” That is why God chose David as king. Read the following Scriptures and describe what you think God saw in David.

I Sam 17:25-50/ I Sam 22:1,2/ I Sam 24/ Psalm 1 /Psalm 51

Question of the Week:  God promised to put one of David’s descendants on his throne forever. There currently is no throne in Israel (it’s a democracy). What does that mean?  Who will be the king?


12 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: To Bargain With a King

  1. Jesus is on the throne in heaven, He was seated there by Our Father. He has the name of King of Kings and Lord of Lords and always will.
    Jesus is in the throne of our hearts and is King to all who believe and obey Him.
    Soon He will rule and reign in the New Heaven and earth.

    • Indeed Jesus is the King who will reign on David’s throne forever. He is called for this reason the son of David and that is why it was necessary for Jesus to be born of the family of David . Both Joseph and Mary were descended from David’s line. Good answer. What is the significance though of there being no throne in ISrael right now.

  2. Question of the Week: God promised to put one of David’s descendants on his throne forever. There currently is no throne in Israel (it’s a democracy). What does that mean? Who will be the king?

    Jesus is a descendant of David, and He is and always will be THE King.
    He is not the King of Israel alone, but of the whole world.
    His return is coming soon and He will reign over the new heaven and new earth.

    • A very good and succinct answer Shannon. It is interesting that you note HE is King of the whole world. His capital will be Jerusalem. They will someday soon have a change of government from democracy to monarchy!

  3. I agree with the above responders Jesus is David’s descendant and He is on the throne at the right hand of the Father 🙂 He is the King!
    There is currently no throne in Israel because the Jews are still waiting for the messiah. Not sure if that is correct or not. Jesus will be on that throne when he returns 🙂

  4. I would like to change my first answer or just add to it. Yes God did promise that one of David’s decendants would be king.
    Later on though the decendants of David were wicked and God pronouced a curse on them as found in Jeremiah 22.
    Therefore no one from the line of David is eligible to be king any longer.
    Since Joseph was of the lineage of David his offspring was disqualified as serving as king so the only way that God could keep his promise to David’s decendants would be that he would be the father of the next king, hence the Virgin Birth.
    The Jews in Jesus’ time rejected Him as king because he did not fulfill what they thought their king should do, that is rise up against the Roman empire and free them.
    As seen througout the Old Testament, whenever the Jews did not follow the directions of God and followed wicked Kings they fell and when they did repent and followed God’s laws they prospered.
    They are currently not propsering because they have rejected God’s king but there will come a time again when they will accept Jesus as their king and again prosper.

    • Wow what a great and complete answer. I am so glad you pointed out the prophecy in Jeremiah wher God cursed the line of Solomon. Interestingly both Mary and Joseph were from David’s lineage (or Joseph’s mother and Father were both from David’s line). In Matthew we have what is believed to be Joseph’s line which traces Joseph back to Solomon. Solomon’s line was disqualified from serving as kings in the future according to the prophecy you named. However in Luke Chapter 3 we see another geneaology. This is believed to be Mary’s Geneaology (most likely or possibly Joseph’s mother’s). It would have been accepted practice for Joseph to claim his wife’s geneaology particularly if it was stronger than his ( marrying up so to speak). This geneaology traces Jesus line back to Nathan son of David a line that was not cursed. 300,000 points for this Carrie!

  5. This will sound mostly redundant, but here goes: Jesus, is the descendant of David through Mary all the way back through Nathan (nicely put by PJ). Now, I will agree that Jesus is the King of Israel. However, he does indeed sit at the right hand of God, not on any throne in Israel. I offer a different explanation, however. As the Jews have rejected Jesus as their King (for now) I would argue that he is not their king right now. One might argue that this does not corroborate with the 2 Sam. 7:13 which says, “I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.” I disagree.

    The Hebrew word for “forever” is olam. This (obviously) is translated as forever, but as Hebrew words have deep meanings, it is important to investigate. In Hebrew they use words like east to mean the direction, but also to talk about time: past. The word “olam” means a far distance on the horizon, one you can’t see. This also means the future. People (in my opinion) inaccurately translate olam (every time it’s seen in the Bible) as “forever” meaning a continuous space of time. I think that olam in this case can’t be bogged down by such a specific definition. It could very well imply one of three things: 1) I will establish the throne of his kingdom “for a long time into the future”, 2) I will establish the throne of his kingdom “for a continuous span of time until time no longer exists” or (and more likely) 3) I will establish the throne of his kingdom “for an indefinite amount of time.”

    The word “forever” is too absolute. Jesus is NOT the King of Israel now, or you would see him sitting on a throne, and ruling in Jerusalem (as stated by PJ). He will undoubtedly be the king but (just food for thought) what about when the Anti-Christ crowns HIMSELF King of the Jews as foretold in Revelation? Would this not make God a liar, having promised that David’s line would be established “forever”? No, I do not think God meant forever, but was making a statement that implied an amount of time that no one can know.

    Undoubtedly, Jesus will be King “forever” (which I would argue is not in respect to time as we know it, but instead in respect to an absence of time, aka: indefinite).

    What does this mean for Israel? It means that they may have another King before Jesus comes back (antichrist) but Jesus WILL come back as promised and they will have to acknowledge Him as their King (every knee will bow).

  6. I hope its not too late to answer AHHHHH! just got home from work and I’m so tired so I hope I answer this completely. I think that if God promised to put one of David’s descendants on the throne, then He will do it in time. It would make sense that God waits for the right time to do so. I believe His coming back will set the TRUE king into play (himself of course). And only He knows when this will happen. In the meantime, all we can do is get right with God and follow His word because after all He is the only way into heaven 🙂

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