Pastor Wrinkles: Leadership Training

     On Tuesday this week our leadership team has its first follow-up for the fall semester.

     Follow up and check-in are important parts of leadership development I have learned. Times of follow-up with key leaders are absolutely essential in order to maintain direction, passion, and vision.

      This Tuesday we are going to be revisiting our BHAG. Which is:

To build a core of 40 youth:

The Core those who are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, have a working knowledge of the Bible, are active in ministry in the church (main life ministries, youth worship, youth leadership, fine arts), and who are giving actively to the ministry and mission of the church.

     We are also going to revisit our method and see how we are lining up to it:

Our Method– We will achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goal by planning our meetings and events a year in advance. Our scheduled events will have to answer the question: “How does this event meet the BHAG”.

Our meetings – Every meeting will contain: an hour and 15 minutes for hanging out and relationship building, thirty minutes of worship, and an hour and fifteen minutes for preaching and small group discussion.

The youth group will be made up of five smaller groups each led by members of our leadership team. The teams will be competing for points throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Goal and method revisitation, important to leadership development.

Tell me team How do you think we are doing? Are we hitting the bullseye?

Pastor Wrinkles

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