Meet The Maturing

      As a New Englander I have lived my life, as all New Englanders do, according to the rhythm of our seasons. Texas slams from summer into winter and back again with out a second glance at spring or fall.  North Carolinians start putting their pansies into beds in February. But in New England we are keenly aware that God  has made four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

       Spring is the time for preparing the ground and planting seeds. Summer is the season of growth. Autumn is the time of harvest. Winter is the time of waiting.

       All New Englanders know that autumn is a time to celebrate what has been and what will be again. It’s the time to look back on what you have accomplished and forward to what lies ahead in the cold of Christmas and New Year. New Englanders also know that this middle time of the year, this time of releasing the past and readying for the future is the brightest time of life. As the cold of winter death begins to steal over the landscape its harsh breath pulls forth the vibrant colors of life for one last explosion among the forests.                   

I am now in the autumn of my life. I have come to the realization that I have now lived on this earth probably longer than I will live upon it hence forth (particularly with my genetics). Now to some that may seem morbid. But not to me. You see this world is not my home. My Lord has promised me a place in the New Heaven and the New Earth and the time I spend here is only “training for reigning”!

     Autumn, I am coming to realize,is a time to rejoice over what has been accomplished. It is a time for rejoicing in what yet can still be.

    Understand I don’t look at my life and say its half over. I am saying that the brightest days are yet to come! Much has been done. But much has yet to be played out. There is a full half of this life yet to live and then a beginning of another life that will make this existence seem like seconds in time.

     I tell you while I love the colors of this world I cannot wait to see the colors of the one which I truly call my home!