Selling Her Way To the Netherlands

       The way of change works its wiles on all of us. Tina and I have had our fair share in the last year. So has my sister.

      Brenda moved from the Berkshires some six years ago and began to pursue a call that has now led her to a mission in the Netherlands.

      That mission has consumed us for the last forty-eight hours.

       Brenda has to raise a cash budget of $10,000.00 and a monthly support of $3500.00 before she can leave in May. It is a tall order but one which our God has firmly in hand.

     Today we held a yard sale at our home to help her with the cash budget. Tina started putting stuff out at 8 :30 A.M. yesterday. People started arriving at 2 in the afternoon even though the sale wasn’t scheduled to start until 7 this morning! By 8 P.M. Brenda had raised $300.00.

     We all managed to get a few hours of sleep and then hit the ground running at 5 A.M.

      At this point I think I have had eight cups of coffee and I still feel like I have been run over by a truck. Of course I am not sure if that is because I got up so early or because I’ve been lifting furniture.

    We had a lot of stuff donated.

This is only one half of the merchandise.

     By day’s end we had raised $1100.00 for Mission Netherlands! I guess raising 11% of her cash budget is worth the price of sore and tired muscles.

     Thank you Jesus!