Meet the Messy

     I have now been posting serial Bible studies for about two months with only quick breaks in between for lifestyle posts. While this has been a great joy to me, and I hope to you, I thought you might enjoy a little breather from the theology.

   For the next week or so I will dedicate myself to writing some posts which will hopefully help you to get to know this writer a little better. You know: hopes, dreams, foibles, faults, failures, and changes I have gone through on my way to the blogosphere.

     I guess we can start by being honest about some of my faults.

I am kind of a mess.  Here’s my desk. I really thought it looked clean until I took the picture. I have to admit though that while this looks bad it did look worse.

A lot of the stuff on my desk went into my bookcase. That top row I call “The Land of Misfit Bibles”. Most of them have been left behind at the church and after a few months in lost and found they have found their way to my office where they will spend the rest of their existence pining for the owner who doesn’t want to read them. I haven’t the heart to throw them out.

    Now I am not a hoarder. I regularly throw out lots of stuff and I am not just living in the land of denial. But I do have to admit the stuff just gets ahead of me. I find there are many other things that call for my attention. Cleaning somehow ends up on the bottom of my list, and honestly there are only a few days when I actually get to the bottom of my list.

    But I have gotten better over the years. I clean house with and for my wife. I actually write it into my schedule and I get it done. Every morning I make a couple of beds and do the laundry or the dishes. I love to fold clothes and I even put them away sometimes.

    I took one of those personality profiles some time ago and you know what it said? I am a very ordered person but an extremely disorganized one. That means I create patterns of logic and reason in my mind. As long as I have my way figured out the world around me can junk up and I won’t even notice it (hence my thinking my desk was pretty clean).

     Now being a messy has never really bothered me because I am in pretty good company.  For instance:

Now Albert asked the question, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

    There you have it! Next time you meet a messy like me just understand you might just be standing in the presence of genius.