Pastor Wrinkle’s Corner-The Direction

     And the winnah is…. Pastor Wrinkles by a crow’s-foot!!!! The crowd goes wild with exultation as Pastor Wrinkles wins by the narrow margin of two votes!

     So it begins. As my identity is firmly established as Pastor Wrinkles I am free to move onto the next phase of my tenure among the people of Ignite Youth Ministries.

     Coming back to youth ministry has been a bigger transition than I thought it would be. I am finding that much has changed in the short year I have been away, not so much in the youth (although it is pretty much a new group), but in me. 

     If we are to succeed in the ministry God has entrusted to us, my team and I are going to have to be more organized through the Spirit of God than ever. This is going to require some pretty large changes on my behalf, among them:

1. More time spent in preparation

2. More faithfulness to my planned schedule.

3. Careful break down of what my life coach would call BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) into obtainable benchmarks.

4. Better training of the team.

5. Greater understanding and use of technology.

6. A more careful pacing of the work we do.

     As I look at these goals I think that perhaps there isn’t a ministry on the face of  the American continent that isn’t struggling with changes in all or at least some of these areas. I think the time we are living into is going to require ministers to really excel in these skills for the sake of their people.

    At the crux I know none of these goals really look all that spiritual. Let me tell you, though,  the above benchmarks are greatly used by the Spirit of God in ministry.  Now I have tried to improve them in my own power and have failed miserably. I need the Spirit’s help for success. So let’s pray that God would grow His church in these ways. Pray for me that God would grow me.

     Now for those of you reading this blog who are part of the support team or group I am going to lay out how things are going to roll for us, our BHAG and our method. For those of you on the outside looking in I hope that you can gain some insight through how we are doing things that will enhance your personal ministry.


To build a core of 40 youth:

The Core- those who are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, have a working knowledge of the Bible, are active in ministry in the church (main life ministries, youth worship, youth leadership, fine arts), and who are giving actively to the ministry and mission of the church.

 Our Method– We will achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goal by planning our meetings and events a year in advance. Our scheduled events will have to answer the question: “How does this event meet the BHAG”.

Our meetings – Every meeting will contain: an hour and 15 minutes for hanging out and relationship building, thirty minutes of worship, and an hour and fifteen minutes for preaching and small group discussion.

The youth group will be made up of five smaller groups each led by members of our leadership team. The teams will be competing for points throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Points will be given for:

1. Every Penny brought in (100 points per)

2. Every returnable bottle brought in (500 points per)

3. Every Student who brings his Bible (100 points per Bible)

4. Every student who turns in a weekly note page at the end of the sermon (1000 points)

5.  Every students who answers the weekly question on Pastor Wrinkles Corner (5000 points).

6. Team spirit(up to 10,000 points)

Technology- Throughout the semester we will be making use of the following technology.

             – Pastor J’s blog  published daily (except Sundays) Pastor Wrinkle’s Corner posted 12:30 A.M. Monday mornings

               – Pastor Brad’s daily on-line show

               – Pastor Brad’s blog published every Monday


               – Our youth group web site

                        Skype-we will be skyping with Pastor Brad at least once each semester

      In spite of the challenges and changes, I am very excited about the next nine months. May God get the glory!


2 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkle’s Corner-The Direction

  1. Pastor Jay I’m not exactly sure how to use this I think I am going to need lesson’s because I can never find what you tell us to look for…. lol

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