Tell Me Who I Am…PLEASE!!!

     Dear readers,

       I will be finishing up the series on “Embracing the real” in my next post. For today though I was wondering if you could help me with something…

      Twelve teens showed up for my first youth meeting at 95 Krantz Rd in Sandy Heights. That was in 1991. Tina and I grew that group to about twenty-five kids before we left for another ministry opportunity.

    Since then I have been in and out of youth ministry three times. Each time I really thought was the last time. Each time I was wrong. If you have read my posts regarding “Wrinkles” you know that God has called me into a fourth adventure. This is Brad’s (our summer youth intern’s) last week before returning to NCMC (North Carolina Master’s Commission); So I am excited to be at the starting gate of what promises to be a great new season of ministry.

     Since the church’s plan is to hire Brad, once he has finished his schooling, the plan for me is to be interim youth overseer through this winter of 2010 and 2011. My job will be to prepare the group for Brad’s return and to help him make a smooth transition into full-time ministry. Brad and I have already begun to strategize about how this whole process will proceed.

      Times being what they are we are going to be using a lot of technology:  Brad is going to Skype in from NCMC several times throughout the year to keep the kids up to date with his life and to cast vision; He is also hosting a live web-cast which our kids will be able to call into; We have our youth group Facebook page and both of us are using our WordPress blogs to good advantage.

    For the next nine months, Monday’s blog-post will be dedicated to youth ministry here at “Reinventing the We’ll”.  The posts will have my sermon outlines for Tuesday night laid out along with a question which I will encourage comments on. Now I would love to have discussion on the question from anyone who wants to shout out, but kids from Ignite (the church youth group) who comment on the Monday post question will earn points for  their youth their team.

   Now, dear reader, here is how you can help. There has been some debate as to what the weekly title of this youth post should be. I have narrowed it to two suggestions: “Pastor Wrinkles Corner” or “Pastor CoolJ’s Corner”.  Here’s what I need you to do!

1.Please comment on this blog to cast your vote. Only votes cast on “Reinventing the We’ll” will be counted. 

2.Votes will be tabulated on Friday August 27 at end of day. The winning title will be featured on the first youth post on Monday August 30.

Tell Me Who I Am…PLEASE!!!