Embracing the Real- The Words

     Friday nights were called “Feast of Fire” services. I led worship with a group of teens and our staff evangelist preached every week. The evening always ended in a prolonged altar call. Sometimes we would pray for an hour or more as the Spirit of the Lord moved among the people. We saw many amazing things during that season.

      One night a woman came forward as we were anointing with oil. She asked me to pray for her husband who was “having a very difficult time”.

     I stretched out my hand and placed it on her forehead as I began to pray.

    About thirty seconds into the prayer the Spirit of God told me to pray for legal issues to be cleared up. Now when I receive these strong impressions out of what seems to be left field I generally don’t just go with them. Usually I stop and ask the person if what I am feeling is in any way, shape, or form close to the mark. This time however the impression was so strong I could almost not help but pray immediately.

      “Lord,” I prayed “I ask for any legal issues that are arising in this family to be dealt with. Please sort them out and bring them to a quick conclusion. I ask for this husband that you would grant him favor and protection.”

    The woman began to weep. It was a secret that her husband was in the midst of a lawsuit. He was experiencing incredible anxiety as he faced the trial.

    Another time I was at the altar praying over what seemed to be an insurmountable relationship problem. A person I was close to had somehow through the course of events become an enemy. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know why the person was so angry or what I had done to deserve their treatment. In my eyes I had been fair and had even gone the extra mile to preserve the relationship.

    As I was sitting crying out before the cross, the word of the Lord came to me suddenly, “Get up now. Go to the person and apologize for your impertinence towards them and your brashness.”

   I thought about it for a moment and actually considered waiting on the word but the Lord came to me again. “If you do not go now you will permanently lose favor and cause yourself great harm.”

    I got up and did what the Lord commanded.

    In the meeting that ensued I was granted favor and forgiveness by the person. The resulting reconciliation (though not permanent) ended up protecting me from a great loss I could not have foreseen. The meeting stopped an undermining that was taking place without my knowledge.

      The word of knowledge and the word of wisdom are two powerful weapons in the Pentecostal Christian’s armory.

     The word of knowledge is the ability to know something that is hidden from plain sight.

      The word of wisdom is the ability to supernaturally troubleshoot and solve problems that you do not have the ability to solve yourself.

     The gifts are practical and greatly useful in prayer. How many times have you come to a situation that seems to big to even pray about? It is the word of knowledge that is needed when you ask “Lord show me how to pray.”

    The word of knowledge is that “aha” moment when you suddenly go from confused mutterings before God to, “I know exactly how to pray about this now!”

    The word of wisdom comes in that moment when you are standing before your broken down car and suddenly see the answer. It is that instant when you know exactly how to fix what is wrong, even though five minutes before you couldn’t find the latch to pop the hood.

    How do these gifts come? As every other one of the gifts through prayer and much prayer at that. As we said at the beginning of this study. If you are going to walk in the power of the baptism, you are going to have to do your homework.

    As Paul said, “Let love be your highest goal, but also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives.” I Cor. 14:1

    Tell me have you been encouraged to desire the special abilities the Spirit gives?


2 thoughts on “Embracing the Real- The Words

  1. Such a beautiful post. I am sharing this with you. As you know, in January 2000 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I went to Georgia for 10 days to help my mom and went back in July for 2 weeks.  In early August my mom called and said that the cancer had metastasized in his liver and the doctors were giving him 2 weeks to live.  She wanted me to come to Georgia immediately.  When I got off the phone, I heard the Lord say clearly, go October 1.  I called her back and my mom was furious.  She said that not only would I not see my dad alive, by October 1, I would miss his funeral!  All my brothers and sisters ( I have 3 of each) went to Georgia as requested by my mom.  They and my dad’s congregation (he was a minister/missionary) thought I was pretty heartless.  And to tell you the truth, I felt pretty bad. 
    I set my flight up for September 29th, trying to placate my mom.  All my brothers and sisters had come and gone when I got there.  My dad was on hospice at home, but still walking from the bed to the chair and praying for everyone who came to visit him! On October 2 my mom had a heart attack and had to be airlifted to Atlanta.  I was there to take care of my dad. 

    • What an awesome story! Indeed the Lord was your vindicator and He alone. It is often true that when we operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit those around us do not understand for the way of the Lord looks like foolishness to the natural eye. Thank you for sharing. JE

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