Embracing the Real-The Gift of Miracles

     The road to the Fitchburg Assembly of God winds from Winchendon up through Rindge over through Ashby finally emptying out in Western Fitchburg in a patch of thick woods. In the morning it is a pathway directly into the halo of the rising sun.

     On a morning many years ago my uncle was driving that road accompanied by his son and one of his nephews. As he crested one of the hills the sun’s dazzle blinded him. He swerved instinctively away from the bright light and ended up on the wrong side of the road. As his vision cleared he saw the car coming directly for him. There was no time to move out of the car’s path. The other driver hit them and then was on the other side. There was no shudder of metal crushing metal, no breaking glass, just two cars meeting at full speed and then moving through each other to go on their way.

     Miracles are those happenings in life where the laws of nature are suspended leaving natural men shocked into awe. In the face of miracles even the most stout believer utters the words “I can’t believe it!”

      Jesus performed a miracle when he calmed the storm with a word, when he walked on water, and when he raised the dead. Philip the evangelist performed a miracle when he was teleported to Azotus. Peter performed a miracle when he raised Dorcas.

    Miracles and I mean real miracles do happen today. Cory Tenboom experienced a miracle in the prison camp when her vial of vitamins sustained the whole dormitory for an entire year never running out. Brother Andrew received a miracle when God made an entire trunk of Bibles vanish before the eyes of communist border guards.

    We serve the God of the impossible possibilities. It is not without reason His word says “With God all things are possible.” If we are walking in the way the Lord commands we are unstoppable. The gift of miracles is that which enables the believer to walk on when all others are stopped dead in their tracks. It is why we can say “The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church.”

     The seed bed of miracles is the prayer life of the believer. Since miracles reside out of the realm of the humanly possible, the only thing we can do to bring them about is pray.

     Have you ever experienced a miracle?