Bee Balm

    So today I thought a little bit of a lighter post was in order. So we will talk about gardens. My garden, your garden, any garden you like we can talk about…. I’ll start.

    One of the plants I grow in my garden is bee balm.

Also known as bergamot, or horsemint this flower is one of the most beautiful I have. All through July it has been releasing its strong spicy aroma over the back yard.

    This plant likes some space and it needs air or it tends to mildew. It also spreads well.

    In particular I like the fact that it attracts so many pollinators.

     One pollinator I especially watch  for is the bumblebee moth.    It’s quite large and at first I thought it was a bird. This little critter has been circling my bee balm for the last three weeks!

    Today I just gathered my first harvest of flowers and leaves for drying. Everything above the ground may be used on this plant. It is used to make a simple tea for healing. Bergamot has been drunk as an aid to digestion and as a cure for stomach pain. In  addition a strong tea can be brewed to combat chest colds and other bronchial infections.

    The tea is spicy and I find it needs to be sweetened for my palate but to each his own taste buds.

Recipe for Bergamot tea:

1 tsp. dried bee balm

1 cup boiling water

steep for 10 minutes and sweeten to taste. Enjoy