Puppies and Carpets

     I think I made a mistake. I always thought that little dogs would be less trouble than big dogs: Their poop is smaller,  they eat less, they take up less space, they aren’t as formidable, you can pick them up and carry them away when they bark at people, and they can sit on your lap with no danger of creating a double hernia.

      I have since learned that all that aside, little dogs are not less work than big dogs. In fact in a lot ways they are like our carpets. The first carpets my wife and I installed in our house were a deep burgundy. Beautiful really but every speck of lint showed up like stars in a cloudless sky in Montana. So we vacuumed everyday, made people take their shoes off, and did our best to protect our beautiful burgundy carpets. We gave up when we did the addition to our house. We tried…oh we tried to keep the construction from messing them up but sawdust is attracted to the color burgundy!

     So after the construction we went to a low pile beige rug thinking “Aha we have defeated the night sky of Montana.”

       Did you know coffee and kool-aid are attracted to beige?

        Now puppies (particularly white puppies) are like carpets. They look so beautiful when you first have them installed or washed.

But beware, forget to clean them for a week or rip them up and throw them out onto the dewy morning grass and the results for both puppies and carpets is about the same.