End of the World Bunnies

     God has been dealing with me for several years about a judgment coming to America and her people. That’s nothing new or unusual for people who walk in prophetic circles.

Hal Lindsey has said:“It seems clear that the prophetic times I have been expecting for decades have finally arrived. And even worse, it appears that the judgment of America has begun,”

Ruth Bell Graham told her husband Billy in 1965 “Billy, if God doesn’t come soon and bring judgment upon the United States, He’s going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

   Just last month Cindy Jacobs from the Generals of Intercession issued a statement saying: “The nation is teetering.”

     It’s no secret. Even the most hopeful among us can smell the scent of blood in the waters as we watch the approach of great whites to our shores.

     Our nation is in trouble and a large contingent of the church world agrees that God is bringing judgment upon us for our sin.

     The question I have been asking  of God for the last several years is, “Father are these Amos words or Jeremiah words.”

     Understanding the difference and which type of word we are actually dealing with is going to make all the difference to the saints of God who live with us through these times.

    Amos of Tekoa was sent as prophet to the northern tribes of Israel during a period of the divided kingdom ( sometime between 760- 750 B.C.). In chapter 7 of the book which bears his name Amos was told three times about disasters which would come upon the nation. Twice Amos prayed in regards to the disasters and God relented from sending them,even though in the end God did state that judgment has only been pushed off not undone.

     Jeremiah was a prophet to the Southern tribe of Judah during the period of the divided kingdom about a hundred-fifty years later. By that time the promise God spoke through Amos to judge the northern tribes had already taken place. During Jeremiah’s ministry it was Judah’s turn to face their Judge. However when Jeremiah tried to pray for his people God did not relent as with Amos. Instead He told Jeremiah

      “Pray no more for these people, Jeremiah. Do not weep or pray for them, and don’t beg me to help them, for I will not listen to you.” Jeremiah 7:16 NLT

    So my question stands are the words we are hearing Amos words (prophecies which can be pushed off) or are they Jeremiah words (prophecies that are set and will not be undone no matter how much we pray and beat our breasts)?

     I feel like America is set to face judgment and that there is nothing that we can do to stop it. However as God has shown Himself merciful to the faithful remnant in the past (read the books of Daniel and Esther as well as Jeremiah chapter 29) I believe that He will do so again. For those who remain faithful to the end there stands a protection in the midst of loss even as our nation enters judgment.

    God began telling me to prepare for what was to come and He would be my sustenance. He spoke to me about famine. So I began to grow food.

    I thought about protein. Chickens? Too smelly. Ducks? Need a pond to swim in. I finally set my heart on rabbits. But my wife put a kibosh on that one. No rabbits would be allowed passed the threshold. That was two years ago. I felt that God was the provider. He would make a way.

    This June my wife, “out of the blue” brought home four bunnies, three males and a female. I was sort of flabbergasted and remembered God’s promise to provide.

    Half jokingly I have said to my wife several times. All God is waiting for is for these bunnies to start multiplying. Then the famine will begin.

    While it has become a household joke I really do feel that we are close to something of catastrophic proportions. I remind myself that God does not view time as I do. With Him a little while could be tomorrow or two generations from now. Yet somehow I don’t think we are dealing with something two generations away.

     I’m watching my end of the world bunnies very closely these days.

     What do you feel is our national destiny?


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