Great Defender

      The police came knocking at my door at 3 A.M. yesterday morning. Someone had broken into our mini van and strewn clothes all over the street.

     Apparently there is another rash of car break-ins running through our neighborhood. We weren’t the only ones robbed. However I think we were the only ones who didn’t lose anything.

    My daughter had left money in the front ash tray open to public viewing. we had lent the van to friends the day before. Their kids had left money all over the back seats of the van. Yet not even one dollar was missing! Get this, even the clothes that were thrown around our yard were not ours. We brought them to the police station hoping someone would claim them (those clothes though were the only things that made the police stop and alert us).

    I have been praying the blessing of God over my household a lot lately. Do you know what blessing is? Blessing is the protection, provision, and prosperity of God. We certainly had the protection of God over our van.

     The people of God need the blessing of God on a regular basis. Without it the trials of our lives threaten to overwhelm and conquer us. The blessing, understand, doesn’t take away trials. Nothing short of the complete destruction of the present universal order will do that. However the blessing does give us victory in our trials and over our trials. I am victorious today because of the blessing.

    There is a song often on my heart of late. It says,

                            “You sing over me in the night

                              with melodies from Your heart.

                             though I’m unaware that You are there.

                              You watch over me through the night

                               Protecting me in the dark. While I’m resting

                                You are covering me.

                                 You are my Great Defender

                                  I live within Your shelter.

                                  You rescue those who put their trust in You.

                                  You are my Great Defender.

                                   I will not fear disaster.

                                   You are my God before and after

                                    My Great Defender!” “Great Defender”/ Leann Albrecht, Carl Albrecht, Jeff Slaughter/ High Hill Songs copyright 2007

     As Americans we are facing some monumental cultural changes. I believe that in a few years our way of life here in the States will be very different from what it is now. But that does not have to alarm us. Whatever change is coming will not undo the defenses of the One we rely on ( if indeed we choose to rely on Jesus). His blessing will keep us if we only refuse to give up our faith in the Great Defender.

       Over the course of the next few days I am going to be writing about the mindset Christians need to face the changes that lie ahead.

    Be strong and of good courage Christian. You can live in the blessing. You have a Great Defender!