Throw Momma From the Plane

     So today was the big day. 

    When I called our friends Bill and Pat to see if they could come and help our roommates for the day I explained to them I needed four or five hours to throw my wife out of a plane. They said they would come if I promised to bring her back (they always did like her best).

     Anyway we arrived at Jumptown USA in Orange MA for our appointment at 1 P.M. Just a side note I learned while we were waiting that Jumptown was the first commercial jump company in the U.S.A. Who knew?

     It was hot. We waited. We got right down to the edge of the field where visitors were allowed to watch the jumpers load and the plane take off. All day long load up, take off, jump out, land, reload.

     Tina took her jump class at 2:30. Her turn to load came at 4:00. She flew. She jumped. She landed.

She lived!

      We have another item on the bucket list checked off! Though she had to admit she doesn’t know if she’ll ever want to do it again. She said she felt like she’d been on the “spinny thing” at Six Flags! So I got her a drink and let her sleep on the way home.

Enjoy the pics!

     Tina loading onto the plane with instructor Keith

I want a pair of these goggles!

                                                    Umm O.K. that’s a long drop!

Now Keith looks scared.



 I love you alllllllll! Up Up and Awayyyy!

 I am sure Tina will be loading the video and the full gallery on her Facebook page.

Be blessed fellow adventurers!


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