Dance In The Rain

     In the course of life I have learned that almost nothing remains the same. Life is a river; It’s scenery is ever changing as we float between its banks.

    Now that I have taken just a moment to wax poetic I can tell you my son left yesterday. If you saw my last post you know we finished off his five day break away with a four mile walk into the Gardner State Forest. He lost a pair of pants (trying to jump over a park gate) and I lost five pounds in sweat (no kidding I was 246 yesterday and today I am 241)! Somebody cheer for the fat guy!

     We really packed a lot into 5 days. It will most likely be the last time I see Joe until Christmas because he is talking about having to stay in PA through the Thanksgiving holiday to work.

    That’s O.K.. It brings me to the point of this brief blog. Life changes and right quick. Blink and blessed moments may pass you by. We have to learn to enjoy where we are at and stop waiting for the world to change in our favor.

    There is a plate displayed on our credenza at home. Written in the center is this saying: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

    We’ve all got “stuff” going on. You have money troubles. She may have a close friend who is dying. I have a son who won’t talk to me. The guy in the corner over there is going through a divorce. But if we let those things take our focus, we miss opportunity to dance between the rain drops.

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss my opportunity to spend time with a man I once knew as a boy. I had a great few days with him and somehow by enjoying those moments my personal hurricanes lessened in intensity.

     Friend spend some time today dancing in the rain.

4 thoughts on “Dance In The Rain

  1. Wow, I needed to read this! And I’ve never heard that saying, but it is SO good! God has really been encouraging me to be joyful, even in the tough times. Thanks for the encouraging word!

  2. HURRAY!!! you did say cheer for the fat guy so there is your cheer 😉
    Dancing in the rain huh? That sounds like a fun time, just put on a bathing suite and swim in the puddles who cares who sees you, you are having fun and some day they will join.
    I am someone that people would call an optimist, someone who sees the glass half full even if it’s almost empty. And one thing that I think about rain is that (and this is just one of my fun thoughts) it rains because God is watering his plants, plants need water to grow and so why not soke in some of God’s life water. This can be taken in a literal of figuritive kind of way, take it as you please!

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