The Sea and My Son

     I love to watch the ocean surf pound the beach. It is relentless, tenacious, unfettered.    

     Nothing stops my son. It’s one of the things I really admire about him. Early on in Joe’s life I recognized a tenacity in him that I did not have. Something in me always rankled at his strong will. I am a reed always bending in the currents. He stands, the cliff, unmoving against the crashing surf.

    More often than not Joe is also standing outside the circle of the tide’s favor. When he was little I thought I should help him learn to be a little more politically correct, maybe a little more willing to compromise. God told me to leave him alone.

     The exact words I heard in prayer were ” These traits will serve him in life. He will need them. Do not take them from him because they are not YOUR giftings.”

     One of the things we planned for this vacation was a barbeque at our home where all Joe’s friends from the area could come and see him. We invited about thirty people.

      Time changes all things doesn’t it? I remember when Tina and I went away for college and then moved back. It was so hard to get back into our old circle of friends. College had sort of frozen us in time. It’s a no-man’s land. It’s not your home but your home is no longer your home either. People move on with their lives, grow, change. You come back and home is not the same place you left. Maybe you’re not the same you who went away. I don’t know but it is different.

     Joe experienced that this week. Thirty were invited seven showed up (five were family). It was the weekend of the fourth to be fair. What happened made me so proud of my son, though. There was no questioning, no blaming. He sat down with his sister and the two peers who did come and he enjoyed some great games of baseball. He was like the ocean tide he just kept going. When the box we fashioned for him didn’t work he moved on and flowed with what life was, (not  with what we planned it to be).

    How many of my vacations have been negatively impacted because things did not go the way I wanted. I saw none of that in him. Friends didn’t come so Joe called them. Before the day was out he had decided who he could still see and had made plans to meet with them.

     My son and the sea: relentless, tenacious, and unfettered. May God birth some of that in me