Seven Staycation Improvisations

     This first vacation of the summer has found us like so many a little short of cash all the way around.  Without money to go away this month and with three college students home for a visit we have had to come up with some budget beauties to keep ourselves occupied.  Here are seven ideas for the poor in wallet but rich in heart.

1. Have a campfire: You don’t have to be at a campground to have a campfire. We have a fire table on our back deck. A few pieces of wood and some marshmallows can take you deep into the woods even in the heart of the city. It also makes for some good family convo time.

2. Go to a matinée:  Remember your schedule is yours for the week. You aren’t forced into the  more expensive evening cinema. By going to movies early in the day I saved $15.oo this week!

3. Have a house party: Make a great menu and a  great guest list. There is something really relaxing about cooking for your friends and having great conversation around a meal.

4.  Don’t go to the beach! Fill a kiddee pool with water and float in the sunshine. This was my wife’s idea but I think I like it more than she does. We picked up the pool for about $10.00 at the end of last season.

5. Go twickering, not just a walk in the woods! Take your binoculars. Make your bird list (twickering is birdwatching after all). Go and find them where they hide.

6. Go yard-saling. Make a wish list and go see what you can find.

7. Go berry picking and make  jelly.

Hey these are some things we tried and kept ourselves occupied. Have fun and send me your ideas for a staycation!