He’s Back

   We have been planning a little family break in the midst of all the ministry hubbub. I’ve not mentioned it before but my younger son Joe decided to rent an apartment in PA after the school year finished because he could earn more there than here. But while he’s been working away earning job security he’s also been hankering for a break away to the far north.

     So in April as the school year was winding down we purchased a plane ticket and he requested the week of July fourth off.

     Since school ended Joe has been calling a minimum of four times a day. Once the campus emptied out apparently things got extremely boring. He started the countdown twenty-seven days ago and has been reminding us everyday of exactly where we stood in time.

     As the day approached Tina and I began to prep Joe. “Make sure your packed. Is your ride secure? When you get to the airport text us we’ll be waiting in the cell phone lot.”

     We  were sure we had prepared for every eventuality. Of course we couldn’t have planned that our son, afraid to over sleep, would try to stay awake all night playing video games only to crash with the game controller in his hands at three A.M.. Bless God for my son’s good relations with security in his building. Of course in the rush Joe would leave his cell phone behind which would leave us sitting in the cell phone lot wondering why his plane was late (which of course it wasn’t).

     We only waited fifteen minutes. Tina suggested I drop her at the terminal so she could check on Joe’s flight. I dropped her at the first door and pulled out to drive around the block. Joe naturally was standing a foot ball fields length down the road waiting for us.

     As he jumped in the front seat he explained, ” I knew if I stood there long enough one of you would catch a clue eventually and come looking.”

     He’s lost twenty pounds and grown out his hair (he wants a ponytail). But deep down he’s still our Joe. He’s back! The vacation begins.