The Reasons For Wrinkle’s Rejoicing

     So what makes Wrinkles, the new youth overseer (that would be me), rejoice? Oh Father in Heaven! So many things.

     Tonight I decided to practice omnipresence. That is to say I came to church and decided I would try to bounce between three events successfully in my role as overseer. I scheduled myself in tighter than a small rubber glove on a fat dentist: 5-5:30 e-mails: 5:30-6 check-in for prayer group: 6-6:15 devotion with youth leadership: 6:15-6:45 Opening prayer with prayer group: 6:45- 8 Intercessory prayer with individuals: 8-9 worship and critiquing of sermon for youth pastor intern.

    I kept thinking all day “This’ll work. No problem.”  Truthfully I realy didn’t have any choice but to make it work somehow.

    I informed my youth pastor intern I would be out of the group during game time attending to other duties. I went over schedules with him and made sure his prep list was done. He was golden.

    Yesterday my wife and I realized we had a conflict in our schedules. She had an appointment and the girls and I both had to be at church tonight. My in-laws were on the road. So we had to decide how to help our two friends who cannot stay by themselves at home. The solution was for her to take one of our friends to her appointment while I brought our other friend to youth group.

      So tonight we made an early supper grabbed some magazines (Phil loves the motorcycle mags) and headed for the church. I set him up in the sanctuary reading and started making my rounds: e-mails/ check in with Phil/ final check for youth group preparedness/ check-in with Phil.

    I had my rhythm set and then a friend of the church came needing some assistance. Phil needed help to the bathroom. I talked with our friend for about ten minutes. Phil found his way back to the sanctuary.

     I gathered myself for more rounds: Youth devotion/ check-in with Phil/ Go to prayer.

    I was a little worried because the prayer session started and I knew once I was into it I would not be able to just step out. Then another miracle happened.  Another person arrived for prayer and we needed to multiply our prayer team to cover the needs.

    As we made our way to my office I had time to do another check-in with Phil. Then I was off into prayer.

     I heard the worship music begin in the sanctuary as we were wrapping up our prayer time. We finished just in time for me to get to the sanctuary to hear my intern’s sermon. He hit it out of the park!

     I am not omnipresent. I am thankful I don’t have to be! What makes Wrinkles rejoice? I rejoice in the fact that my friend Phil is so easy to take places I rejoice that he loves to be at church being a part of whatever is going on. I am thankful for daughters who help in youth ministry and are there to help smooth the way for our friends with disabilities in the church. I am thankful we have an intercessory prayer team with enough trained members to multiply into two teams to pray for needs. I am thankful for a wife who is patient with a husband who tries to be omnipresent. I am thankful for a wife who herself is working on the omnipresence thing (it makes for deeper understanding of each other when we fail). I am thankful for a wonderful team of youth workers who can handle the task. Finally I am thankful that as Wrinkles, I have been given the opportunity to watch as a young man I helped mentor steps to the position of ministry and makes his calling and election sure. Any man who has so many good things in his life must surely rejoice.


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