Reinventing the We’ll

     I have found only two constants in life: God and change. Now not everyone knows God but everyone is acquainted with change. The human condition leaves us in a constant (there’s that word again) state of flux. It doesn’t matter, young or old, we are always going through changes.    

      Now about us! I say “us” because this blog is not really just about me but about the us that comprises the “We’ll” in our title.

      My wife Tina and I have got to be among the most blessed people on earth…really!! Oh, we’ve got our issues like everyone else but, I have to say, the blessings  far outweigh the curses.

     Together this wonderful woman and I have packed lifetimes of living into the last 23 years. When we married, she was 20 and I was 19. Our first son, Joe, was born in’89. Since then  we have had two more daughters and adopted another son. Our youngest daughter left for college last September.  Can you say “empty nest”?

     Add two puppies, four bunnies, three disabled roomates, and snow bird in-laws who live in the apartment next door and you have a pretty good picture of our life at the moment. Change! Change! Change!

     This blog is about two people, who fell in love half a lifetime ago,  the changes they have met along the way and the God who has seen them through it all.

    Anyway I hope you’ll join Tina and I on this intensely spiritual journey of “Reinventing the We’ll”. Maybe, just maybe something we have seen  along the waywill help you along your own path.